He took up his harp and uttered the word "undr", which means "Wonder". Jorge Luis Borges. 
Virna Haffer. Old Tacoma Hotel Fire. 1930’s
Rudy Burckhardt
A View From Brooklyn I. 1954
Gianni Berengo Gardin
Il Trenino Della Val Gardena, Ortisei, 1958
Shirley Baker, “Girls swinging on a lamppost”, Manchester, 1965 
Laure Albin Guillot, Les tierces alternées, illustration pour les Préludes de Claude Debussy [The third alternative, illustration for Claude Debussy Preludes]. 1948
Thurston Hopkins
A woman washing her face over a basin in her rundown Liverpool home. 1956
Thurston Hopkins. Tango in the East End, London. 1954
Alfred Stieglitz
Wet day on the boulevard. 1894
Yevgeny Kassin. Moscow.Sammer rain.1960s
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