He took up his harp and uttered the word "undr", which means "Wonder". Jorge Luis Borges. 
Todd Webb
Untitled (Left Bank Arch), 1948
Lala Aufsber. Braunschweig, Südklint 18. Wohnhaus (wohl um 1200), 1932
Thanks to tytusjaneta
René Jacques
Escalier, Montmartre, c.1950
Henri Cartier-Bresson
France. Normandy. Seine-Maritime. 1930’s
Marc Riboud
China. Building a bridge over the Chang jiang river with Soviet co-operation. 1957
Thurston Hopkins
A woman out for a walk in a slum area of Liverpool. 1956
From “Yvon’s Paris”
Joseph Petrocelli, The Curb Market, Broad Street, New York. 1920