He took up his harp and uttered the word "undr", which means "Wonder". Jorge Luis Borges. 
Yevgeny Kassin. Moscow.Sammer rain.1960s
Thanks to 43nils
Evelyn Hofer
The Mall, London, 1962
Jeanloup Sieff
Routes de France, 1958 
Evelyn Hofer
Girl with the bicycle, Dublin, 1966
Fan Ho
Hong Kong Midnight, 1958
Jason Langer
From “After Hours”, 1997
duckroom asked: Hi, Wonder. We'd like to feature your awesome tumblr collection on our playground at www,nicecream,fm - it's a laidback breezy radio station mixed with a big cup of eyecandy visuals. As the music plays, we use the fullscreen background to feature nice work and good products&vibes from around the world. Now we're more interested in collaborating with curators and bold visual platforms that are on the same mindset as we are, so drop us a line if it fits you. Mihai - Pool cleaning, Niceteam

Ok thank you.. you’re welcome… ;)