He took up his harp and uttered the word "undr", which means "Wonder". Jorge Luis Borges. 
Fan Ho
Little Grandma, 1950
Fred Lyon
Street Ball Game in Fog. 1950
Way to the house of Boris  Pasternak, St. Petersburg 1996  © Gloria Rodriguez
 Thanks to lapetitecole and gloriaphoto
Carl Mydans
The Kremlin and Spassky Tower, Moscow 1950’s
"singing in the shower, laughing by the hour, life is such a breezy game"
chelsea, nyc. (Fuji X-Pro1)
Thanks to bagnostian
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Shadows Cast on Cobblestone Street in Early Morning on Nantucket
Doan Cong Tinh
North Vietnamese scouts attempting to make a passage through the rapids for the logistics units following them with supplies of food and munitions. 1970